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Application of the Most Significant Change Approach to the Pacific R2R Programme:

At the margin of the Pacific R2R 4th Regional Steering Committee Meeting, programme stakeholders participated in a Most Significant Change workshop in Nadi, Fiji on 29 July, 2019. The workshop was lead by the Programme Coordination Unit at SPC and implemented by the R2R national project managers. The workshop was the culmination of 2 months of story collection and local assessment of the most significant contributions of their projects to date.

The activity was designed to improve coordination, capacity building and knowledge sharing between the R2R key stakeholders – Lead agency representatives, STAR R2R and IW R2R project managers.

The activity was designed to also satisfy the IW R2R Regional Project’s Output 3.2.4 – Participatory techniques used to gauge learning and change in perception among inter-ministry committee members

What is the Most Significant Change Technique?

•             Participatory because project stakeholders are involved both in deciding the sorts of change to be recorded and in analysing the data.

•             A form of monitoring because it can occur throughout the program cycle and provides information that can help people manage the program.

•             It contributes to evaluation because it provides data on outcomes that can be used to assess the performance of the whole program.

This MSC workshop activity followed a R2R Programme MSC training workshop conducted at the margin of the RSC2 Meeting in Tonga.