Ridge to Reef Introduction "Bula"

  The Ridge to Reef programme held it's first Inception Workshop and Regional Steering Committee in Nadi, Fiji. Meet some of the faces of that will take part in this historical project. Bula!
 Ridge to Reef Inception Video

 Ridge to Reef RSC Opening Ceremony Day 2 Recap

  On a rainy day in Nadi, the Ridge to Reef project opened the inaugural Inception Workshop and Regional Steering Committee with a traditional ceremony at the Tonoa International Hotel highlighted by speeches from Marc Wilson on behalf of the Regional Programme Coordinating Unit, Kevin Petrini from the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji on behalf of the GEF Implementing Agencies, Dr. Audrey Aumua, Deputy Director of SPC, Christian Severin, Lead International Waters Focal Area of the GEF Secretariat and Joshua Wycliffe, Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Fiji.
 Ridge to Reef RSC Day 3 Social Media Recap

  The committee elects their Chair and Co-chair, all managers give their country presentations and Marc Wilson leads everyone in a fun ice-breaker exercise.
 Ridge to Reef RSC Day 4 Social Media Recap

  The Committee heard presentations from support agencies featuring a wide variety of scientific, technical and marketing backgrounds. Ending the day was a demonstration from Oceania Television on their drone capacity dramatized for viewing as a "Coastal Area Characterization" simulation.
 Ridge to Reef RSC Day 5 Social Media Recap

 Pacific R2R 2nd Regional Science and Technical Committee meeting - January, 2018

  Regional science and technical experts convened in Suva endorsing scientific methodologies to support the Global Environmental Facility regional Pacific Ridge to Reef programme – with an aim to improve livelihoods and opportunities for Pacific Islanders through local actions to conserve and rehabilitate their island environments.
 Pacific R2R Rapid Coastal Assessment trial in Vanuatu

  In July 2018, the Pacific R2R IW regional project trialed for the first time the Rapid Coastal Assessment in Vanuatu. The regional project is to test the mainstreaming of R2R approaches to integrated land, water, forest and coastal management in Pacific Islands through strategic planning, capacity building and piloted local actions to sustain livelihoods and preserve ecosystem services. The regional project provides evidence-based approaches to ICM planning through the development of the State of the Coast Report. The Report is the consolidation of an Island Diagnostic Analysis and a Rapid Coastal Assessment.
 Votua Village 'A SUCCESS STORY' Community Ecosystem Based Management

  In October 2016, the Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency Workshop (GEF ECW) for the Pacific organized a field trip to Votua village for participants across the region to learn about the linkages between land and coast, and the importance of community engagement for sustainable development outcomes.
 Pacific R2R Third Regional Steering Committee meeting – Townsville, Australia

  July 29 – August 3, 2018